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Nature and comfort come together at Nono. We are only 18 km from Quito, the ecuadorian capital, and despite the short distance the environment is completely rural and calm. The Nono Valley offers us a "mountain mouth" climate characterized by the presence of winds and mist produced by the humidity of the surrounding  forests, its average temperature is 57 to 60 fahrenheit. At the Estancia we enjoy fresh air, native vegetation and the visit of many species of birds. Horses are an essential part of our family farm, we live with them day by day. There is the possibility of interacting with them by brushing, feeding or practicing horse riding.

We have the ideal place to camp with all the comforts and most importantly security. For our camping visitors we have walking trails, 24-hour toilets available, firewood and a hot drink to enjoy in good company. We also have comfortable rooms for total rest that can only be achieved in the peace of the countryside. To complete the experience in our restaurant we serve dishes that contain and are inspired by ingredients from the area and we try to have as many organic components as those we harvest from our garden.


Video of the campground area with a tent and the fire place.

Enjoy with friends or family a night of good music with the heat of a campfire and delicious food.

View of the landscape of Nono, at sunrise.

Discover Nono one of the oldest county in Quito. Experience the nature, weather, birds, waterfalls and especially the kindness of our people.

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